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Our Recycling Process

Auto Recycling

In order to provide clean low mileage parts, we purchase select vehicals from insurance auctions.  The vehicals arrive at our yard and the parts are inventoried into our sales system.  Our technicians carefully test and remove parts that have been ordered by our customers.  During the dismantling process, hazardous fluids such as gasoline and diesel, oils, transmission and brake fluids, antifreze and freon are drained and recycled.  We use the latest systems for fluid extraction and freon recovery so that we are doing the best we can to help protect our environment.  

Environmental Stewardship

Used Oil

The oil that we drain is collected and then used in our waste oil heater.  Our waste oil heater is specifically designed to burn the recovered oil.  We use this heater as an alternative heating source in our shipping bay.

Freon Removal

A refrigerant recovery machine became necessary when it was discovered that chlorofluorcarbons (CFCs) were depleting the ozone layer.  In our dismantling process the recovery machine is hooked up to the manifold or Schraeder valves on the air conditioning system. This creates a vacuum and sucks all the freon out of the vehicle, cleanses it through a filter and puts it into a storage tank.

Battery Recycling

In Alberta, it is illegal to dispose of automotive batteries in municipal solid waste landfills.  Batteries that come in with all salvage vehicals are removed and tested.  Batteries that are still viable are charged, tested, and marketed for sale.  Those that are not viable are sent on for further recycling.  

Fluid Recycling

All vehicals are full of fluids.  Fuels power the engines, oils, coolants and other fluids are all used to keep those engine parts running smoothly.  The fuels that we collect are use in our yard equipment.  Oils are collected for use in our waste oil furnace while other fluids are collected and sent on for proper disposal.

Tire Recycling Program

Originally created to deal with the potential environmental threat by stockpiling old tires, Alberta's tire recycling program has grown into a thriving innovative industry.  Tires that come into our facility are removed from the vehicals.  Those that still have tread life left are sold while those that are no longer safe are sent on for further recycling.  

Mercury Recycling Program

This program partnership is supported by Canadian automotive recyclers and dismantlers and their respective associations – the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) and the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries (CARI). The collaborative effort among the steel, auto and recycling/dismantling industries is unprecedented and is essential to the success of the program, which will assist the steel and auto industries to meet the new federal pollution prevention requirements regarding mercury-containing switches.