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Aldon Auto’s History

Aldon Auto’s History

Aldon Auto Salvage Ltd. was incorporated in 1970 by co-owners Allen & Donna Carter & Allen's brother  Ian Carter. Allen moved a  10' by 12' office on to the site and erected a 100X100 foot  fence. He purchased his first tow truck, a 1953 Ford and began purchasing cars.

Leslie Carter's Junkyard

The Real Roots Go Deeper.

However, Leslie Carter, Allen's uncle had been collecting derelict cars for 25 years prior to Aldon Autos incorporation.

It was a real junkyard!

Trails resulted as cars were parked. The vehicles were stored in no particular fashion. Parts were stored in old sheds, in the trunks of other cars or just on the ground. The inventory system was by memory only and parts interchange was by trial and error.

Allen's son, Terry joined the ownership team in 1981. The first building consisting of 4000 square feet of shop and warehouse, was built.  Inventory was controlled with a cardex file.  The parts locator system was a voice open line called a HOTLINE. Later the HOTLINE was replaced with a TELETYPE. Invoices were handwritten and your CHARGEX card was inserted into an imprint machine. With time, more buildings were added and inventory and parts locator systems became computerized.

Aldon Auto now recycles over 1000 salvage vehicles annually. Our facility includes 29,000 sq ft of office, shop and warehouse space on 99 acres.  We currently stock over 5000 cars, light trucks & SUV's both domestic and import. The business grew more successful and refined each year however many things have remained the same. Aldon Auto remains family owned and managed.

We maintain the friendly, professional customer service we are known for along with our competitive pricing. We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction and to bringing our customers high-quality, low-cost alternatives for new auto parts.

We have committed ourselves to conserving the future through automotive recycling.

Terry Carter