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Aldon Racing

Aldon Auto proudly supports and sponsors the local racing community.


Don has been involved in racing since he was a young man crewing on his brothers sprint car team.  He has raced motorcycles and snowmobiles  His first car race was in 1983, in one of Terry’s stock cars.  2010 was a banner season, where Don was able to be crowned Thunder Car Champ.   The  Blue Bullet was built in 2004.The car has over 15,000 laps  (3000 racing miles)  and has amassed 26 wins and 60 podium finishes and many heat race wins.  .  The car is set up with a second seat, and Don has  given many people a thrill ride.  Rides are granted to Make a Wish Foundation, United Way and Career’s the Next Generation as fund raisers.  Don has raced modifieds, late models and stock cars,  both on dirt and pavement.  Don’s history with Aldon Auto goes back to the pre racing days when Don, Terry and friends enjoyed the party life.  Don’s car have ALWAYS carried the Aldon Auto banner.


Thundercar's 2013 Rookie of the Year, Michael Carter began his racing career driving Jr 1 Honda Karts at Stratotech park. Michael has raced Future & Feature Stock Classes and was named the 2010 Champion at Edmonton International Raceway's Future Stock Class.


Don started racing in 2003, employing lead-footed tactics in the Thundercar Racing Series at Edmonton International Raceway.  Seeking a new challenge, he decided to make to switch to the dirt track, racing in the Late Model Series Races at Castrol Race Way in 2005 where he has encountered continued success ever since.  Ever an affable and courteous gentleman, Don doesn't mind letting other finish in front of him in the name of sportsmanship.


Often the fan favorite, Alana Carter was born in 1999.  She was crowned the 2013 Future Stock Season Champion at Edmonton International Raceway.  She began her racing career driving Karts at Stratotech.  2014 was exciting for Alana as she did her debut ina Mustang MiniStock on the clay oval at Castrol Raceway. And as of 2015, she has now upgraded to the big boy's club - Alana is now driving Late Mods and continues her great success on the oval track.


Terry was born with the ability and the drive to race cars. He first started in the stock class back in his teenage years. Now in the Late Mods class, Terry has travelled all of Western USA for it and has been part of a lot of Canadian events as well. Some of the American events included Wissota, Wild West Shoot Out and One Night in Vegas races. Over all these years, Terry has managed to stay in one piece as well. This man does is for the LOVE of racing. He is always looking forward to his next race